My work

Work from 2021:

Myriam Gurba website

Myriam Gurba is a noted Latinx author and activist. Her previous website was built using the Genesis framework. It was functional but not block compatible, and the design too business-like for her audience.

The theme was redone using Bootstrap 5, custom fonts and bold colors, while keeping accessibility in mind. The color palette was pulled from a photo of the author.

An archive of all of Myriam’s writing for various publications (Paris Review, Remezcla, Time, etc) created using custom post type that would feature an excerpt and image from each piece, along with the publication name, and link out to the original piece. Some blog posts folded into this section; if there was no external url or magazine, it would link instead to the piece on

Additional custom post type for books, with additional fields for price, ISBN, publication year, format(s), reviews, etc.

In addition, I took all the photos used on the website.

City Health website

Cityhealth is a website that rates cities based on a number of health policies. I was contracted by an agency to build this site. Designs were supplied in Invision. Data had to be organized and migrated from multiple sources.

The site opens with a map of the United States and all cities indicated by their policy medal (gold, silver, bronze, no ranking) as well as a list of all cities.

Each city is a custom post type with information on the cities ranking for each policy along with an accordion for each policy showing additional information and legal citations.

Each policy is also a custom post type with information on the criteria along with the ranking of all cities for that criteria.

Both cities and policies pages have a related posts section with all posts of multiple post-types – blogs, policies, resources – related to that city or policy.

Because the site is used by government officials and policy makers, css was written so that city and policy pages would print well as brochures.

Tasteful Rude website

Tasteful Rude is part of the Brickhouse Cooperative, edited by writer Myriam Gurba. A perpetual work-in-progress, this is based on a theme originally written for by Matt McVickar.

Data Quality Campaign website

Data Quality Campaign advocates for policies and practices that support individuals through education and the workforce. DQC envision a world where data is used to drive systemic change, economic mobility, and student success.

I was contracted by an agency to rebuild an earlier WordPress site, creating a new custom theme. Design was delivered via Invision.

Custom post types created for a variety of resources: reports, toolkits, and topic guides. Archive pages grouped multiple post types together, and included dropdowns where you could search across post-type by author and topic. This was done using using a custom search plugin connecting to algolia.

There is a separate Spanish language section for top level policy areas.